The Products

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Millennium Farms is working to produce added-value crops that tap into local opportunities and global demand. In addition to creating sustainable revenues streams that will directly contribute to the broader development of Jordan’s agricultural sector, Millennium’s crop cultivation will eventually make it possible for other farmers across the country to begin growing and cultivating these crops. Ultimately, we hope to do more than just provide local farmers with increased revenues and more sustainable livelihoods: we hope to create new, invigorated interest in the agricultural sector as a whole.

For our customers across the globe, we’re delivering quality and freshness of the most delicious and discerning standards. For Jordan’s farmers, we’re delivering endless opportunities and boundless potential.

Our Products


Mangoes are a much-loved stone fruit grown in warm, temperate climates all over the world. The higher-quality varieties tend to thrive in places where there is a well-defined dry season, which supports and stimulates the production of the fruit. Jordan’s dry summers provide the ideal environment for mangoes to flourish.


As a heart-healthy, nutrient-rich food, avocados continue to grow in popularity the world over. The tree itself grows best in warm, sunny climates—and with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Jordan offers an idyllic setting for growing hearty, delicious avocados.


Popular worldwide for its flavorful, aromatic qualities – as well as its medicinal properties—garlic grows well in many climates and locales across the globe. Jordan’s temperate winters provide the perfect environment for garlic to reach its most delicious potential.

Sweet Peppers

Capsicum, or sweet peppers, are perhaps best known for their diverse, colorful varieties and mild flavor. Rich in vital nutrients, sweet peppers are grown and cultivated the world over, though they thrive particularly well in places with long, sunny summer seasons – making Jordan a perfect destination for capsicum cultivation.


A small, delicious fruit rich in Vitamin C, lychee have long been grown and consumed across Asia, and are becoming increasingly more popular around the world. Cultivated from beautiful, tropical evergreen lychee trees, lychee fruit grow best in warmer climates and in well-drained soils.